Transforming Healthcare Digitally

At Health Compass, we enable and empower patients, practitioners and healthcare providers to adapt to the new age digital initiatives seamlessly. Our goal is to drive value to healthcare through telescopic focus on improving patient experience.

  • Secure

    Health locker to keep your medical records safe and yet can freely be shared by providing explicit consent

  • Accessibility & Interoperability

    Accessibility of medical records for the doctors and patients and freedom to move from one platform to another without losing history

  • Collaboration

    Enhancement of the patient-physician relationship through automated touchpoints


Why Choose Us?

We are here to help you navigate through your healthcare journey! Health Compass believes in agility and scalability to define, build, and release a continuous flow of valuable features and services to our users.

  • Creative Innovation

    Continuous innovation is our core competency which helps us in staying relevant and making a meaningful difference. We strive to adapt to the change to bring value to our customers.

  • Economical

    100% satisfaction guaranteed – Cancel anytime!

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